Skin packs

Attractive presentation and maximum durability

When vacuum body fitted packaging is adopted, special material body fitted film is used to seal the product on the formed bottom film or prefabricated support box. Utien pack has two packaging methods: Thermoforming vacuum skin packaging and Tray sealing with skin packs.


Unifresh®-Skin Pack:provide the best product display effect and shelf life

Unifresh ® The film on the sticker package conforms to the product shape, like the second layer of skin of the product, and seals it on the formed bottom film or the prefabricated support box. The film firmly fixed and complete sealing form of the product, prevent liquid overflow, can display the product vertically, horizontally or suspended, and also extend the shelf life of the packaging products. The application of the technology of the fitted packaging requires the use of the heat forming and fitting packaging machine or the Prefabricated Box Sticker packaging machine of utienpack.

skin packaging in thermoforming

Thermoforming Skin Packaging

tray sealing of skin packaging

 Tray Sealing of Skin


Unifresh ® The Skin packaging is especially suitable for packaging some high-quality products, such as meat and meat products, seafood and fish, domestic poultry meat, convenient food, etc. Unifresh can also be used for some products with juicy water or products with high shelf life requirements ® Skin packaging.



The advantages of Skin packaging, in addition to the relatively long shelf life, are suitable for consumers' demand for lasting freshness; It also has high quality appearance, visible and touchable; Compared with other packaging, there is no drip, no juice on the surface of the film, no fog, and shaking will not affect the appearance and shape of the meat; It is also easy to open and easy to use; The top material (cover film / body fitted film) is compared with the tray to make the best cutting and greatly reduce the production cost.


Packaging machines and packaging materials

Both the hot forming stretch film packaging machine and the preformed box sealing packaging machine can be used for body fitted packaging. The preformed box sealing machine needs to use the standard preformed supporting box, while the hot forming packaging machine is used for filling, sealing and other processes after the film rolling sheet is stretched online. The thermoforming packaging machine can be customized according to customer needs, such as providing stiffeners, logo printing, hook holes and other functional structure design, to enhance the stability of packaging and brand awareness.