Semi-automatic tray sealer FG-040


Semi-automatic tray sealer

The FG-040  semi-auto tray sealer is favored for food production of small and medium output. It’s cost-saving and compact. For different products, it’s optional to do modified atmosphere packaging or skin packaging.


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The small semi-automatic tray sealers are the ideal solution for an inexpensive and professional vacuum packaging with trays and combine ease of use with reliability. They are ideally suited as an entry machine into tray packaging for smaller businesses or as an addition in larger productions or laboratories to cover samplings and new product launches.
After inserting the filled trays and closing the vacuum chamber, everything continues automatically, from evacuation, optional to do modified atmosphere packaging or skin packaging, to sealing and precise contour cutting of the trays.

1, 2-3 cycles/min speed.
2, Attractive package with top MAP or VSP technology(Unifresh®)。
3, All features controlled by servomotor with high speed and precision.
4, With Busch vacuum pump, we can make residual oxygen lower than 1%.
5, Applied to trays of various shapes and sizes.
6, Remarkable film wastage saving.

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  • UTIENPACK tray sealers can handle different types of packaging in order to pack a wide range of products.

    Natural atmosphere
    This is a packaging type for no gas exchange, seal the packaging directly. There is no effect of extending shelf life.

    Natural atmosphere

    MAP Pack
    The natural gas in the package is replaced with the product-specific gas. This protects the product and also extends the shelf life of the food.


    The pseudo-skin technique applies to the product whose thickness is less than the tray depth. The skin film is applied to the product and sealed tightly in the tray.


    Protrude Skin
    The Protrude Skin technology packs products in a skin package, the height of the product can reach 50 mm. The packaged product is often higher than the tray.
    This product is also precisely enclosed by the film and seals the tray on the whole surface.

    Protrude Skin

    Utien Pack Tray sealer is perfect for the package of fresh, refrigerated  and  frozen food,  ncluding meat, poultry,seafood, sausages, bacons and prepared fast food.According to  different  products,  we’re capable  to  offer  you  tailor-made  packaging proposals.

    Tray sealer packaging (5-1)Tray sealer packaging (3-1)Tray sealer packaging (4-1)Tray sealer packaging (2-1)Tray sealer packaging (1-1)salmon skin packaging

    1.Vacuum pump of German Busch, with reliable and stable quality
    2.304 stainless steel framework, accommodating to food hygiene standard.
    3.The PLC control system, making the operation more simple and convenient.
    4.Pneumatic components of Japan’s SMC, with accurate positioning and low failure rate.
    5.Electrical components of French Schneider, ensuring stable operation
    6.The mold of high-quality aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and oxidation-resistant.

    Model FG-040
    Packaging Option MAP, VSP, SEAL







    Vacuum Pump 100m³/h
    Film Size ≤300mm
    Power 380V
    Gas Replacement Rate ≥99%
    Filling Gas Option 3(N2, CO2, O2)
    Machine size 910×1150×1720mm

    Transparent Top Film

    Pre-printed Top Film

    Tray material

    PSE, PP

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