Vacuum packs

Extend product shelf life

Vacuum packaging can slow down the growth and reproduction of microorganisms by removing the natural gas in the packaging, so as to extend the shelf life of products. Compared with ordinary packaging products, vacuum packaging products reduce the space occupied by the goods.

vacuum packaging in thermoforming
vacuum pouch packaging


Vacuum packaging is suitable for all kinds of food, medical products and industrial consumer goods.



Vacuum packaging can keep food quality and freshness for a long time. The oxygen in the package is removed to prevent the reproduction of aerobic organisms and slow down the oxidation process. For consumer goods and industrial products, vacuum packaging can play the role of dust, moisture, anti-corrosion.


Packaging machines and packaging materials

Vacuum packaging can use thermoforming packaging machine, chamber packaging machine and external pumping packaging machine for packaging. As a highly automatic packaging equipment, thermoforming packaging machine integrates online packaging, filling, sealing and cutting, which is suitable for some production requirements with high output demand. Cavity packaging machine and external pumping packaging machine are suitable for some small and medium-sized batch production enterprises, and vacuum bags are used for packaging and sealing.