Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine


Usually, the double chamber vacuum packaging machine will remove all the air inside the package, so the products inside the bag can be kept r for a longer period.
With two chambers working in turns nonstop, the Double chamber vacuum packing machine is more efficient than traditional vacuum machines.



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Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging  Machine

1. The whole machine is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, is easy to clean and corrosion resistant.
2. Vacuum and sealing are completed at one time, with PLC touch screen operation, vacuum time, sealing time and cooling time can be adjusted accurately.
3. Two vacuum chambers work in turn, with high production efficiency and high speed.
4. It’s compact & reliable, with wide application.
5. There are two types of sealing methods: pneumatic sealing and air bag sealing. The conventional model is air bag sealing.

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  • Double chamber vacuum packaging machine is mainly used for the vacuum packaging of meat, sauce products, condiments, preserved fruits, grains, soy products, chemicals, medicinal particles and other products. It can prevent product oxidation, mildew, rot, moisture, etc., to extend product storage or preservation time.

    vacuum packaging (1-1) vacuum packaging (2-1) vacuum packaging (3-1) vacuum packaging (4-1) vacuum packaging (5-1) vacuum packaging (6-1)

    1.The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which meets food hygiene requirements.
    2.Adopting the PLC control system, make the equipment operation simple and convenient.
    3.Adopting Japanese SMC pneumatic components, with accurate positioning and low failure rate.
    4.Adopting French Schneider electrical components to ensure long-term operation.

    Machine Model DZL-500-2S
    Voltage (V/Hz) 380/50
    Power (kW) 2.3
    Packing Speed (times/min) 2-3
    Dimensions (mm) 1250×760×950
    Chamber Effective Size (mm) 500×420×95
    Weight (kg) 220
    Sealing Length (mm) 500×2
    Sealing Width (mm) 10
    Maximum Vacuum (-0.1Mpa) ≤-0.1
    Packaging Height (mm) ≤100
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