Thermoforming Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine(MAP)

DZL-Y Series

Thermoforming Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine

An automatic modified atmosphere packaging machine is also known as Thermoforming rigid film packaging machines. It stretches the plastic sheet into a tray after heating, then vacuum gas flush, and then seal the tray with a top cover. Finally, it will output each package after die-cutting.




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Safety is our top concern in machine design. To ensure max safety for the operators, we have installed multiply sensors in many parts of the machine, including protective covers. If the operator opens the protective covers, the machine will be sensed to stop running immediately.

High efficiency enables us to make full use of the packaging material and reduce cost & waste. With high stability and reliability, our equipment can reduce downtime, thus the high production capacity and uniform packaging result can be ensured.

Simple operation
Simple operation is our key feature as a highly automated packaging equipping. In terms of operation, we adopt PLC modular system control, which can be acquired through short-time learning. Besides machine control, mold replacement and daily maintenance can also be mastered easily. We’re keeping on technology innovation to make machine operation and maintenance as easy as possible.

To fit into various products, our excellent packaging design can custom the package in shape and volume. It grants customers better flexibility and higher utilization in the application. The packaging shape can be customized, such as round, rectangular and other shapes.
Special structure design can also be customized, such as hook hole, easy tear corner, anti-slip structure, etc.

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  • UTIENPACK provides a wide range of packaging technologies and packaging types. This thermoforming rigid film packaging machine is mainly used for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) of products. The natural air in the packaging is replaced with fresh-keeping gases.

    Advantages of MAP packaging

    • Extend the shelf lifetime;
    • Offer more protection during transportation;
    • Keeping food fresh naturally without any additives;
    Sandwich MAP packahingbread packagingchicken MAP packagingdates MAP packagingfish MAP packagingmeat MAP packagingThermoforming packaging jam packagingThermoforming packaging

    One or more of the following third-party accessories can be combined into our packaging machine to create a more complete automated packaging production line.

    • Multi-head weighing system
    • Ultraviolet sterilization system
    • Metal Detector
    • Online automatic labeling
    • Gas Mixer
    • Conveyor system
    • Inkjet printing or thermal transfer system
    • Automatic screening system

    1.Vacuum pump of German Busch, with reliable and stable quality .
    2.304 stainless steel framework, accommodating to food hygiene standard.
    3.The PLC control system, making the operation more simple and convenient.
    4.Pneumatic components of Japan’s SMC, with accurate positioning and low failure rate.
    5.Electrical components of French Schneider, ensuring stable operation.
    6.The mold of high-quality aluminum alloy, corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and oxidation-resistant.

    The regular model are DZL-320R, DZL-420R, DZL-520R (320, 420, 520 means the width of the bottom forming film as 320mm, 420mm, and 520mm). Smaller and bigger size thermoforming vacuum packaging machines are available on request.

    Mode DZL-Y Series
    Speed(cycles/min) 6-8
    Packaging option Rigid,or semi-rigid film,MAP
    Pack types Rectangular and round,Basic formats and freely definable formats…
    Film widths(mm) 320,420,520
    Special widths(mm) 380,440,460,560
    Maximum forming depth(mm) 150
    Advance Length(mm) <500
    Die changing system Drawer system,manual
    Power consumption(kW) 18
    Machine dimensions(mm) 6000×1100×1900Customizable
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