Cabinet Vacuum Packaging Machine


The machine adopts vertical pneumatic sealing, super large vacuum chamber, and open-type transparent vacuum cover. The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel, suitable for chemical, food, electronics, medicine and other industries.




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1. The unique structure design can vacuum (inflate) packaging of ultra-fine powder, granule, liquid and slurry.
2. The barrels for shaping the products can also be placed in the vacuum chamber.
3. Using PLC control system, a variety of special functions can be used flexibly.
4. The vacuum chamber is made of stainless steel, and the shell material is available in spray paint, suitable for various occasions and material packaging.
5. With a high-strength plesiglass chamber door, all the packaging process is transparenct and trackable.
6. The vacuum degree is high and can be adjusted easily by a vacuum gauge.
7. The control system adopts PLC control, and the vacuum delay, heating time and cooling time can be accurately controlled.
8. Special specifications can be customized.

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  • Suitable for some products that contain water, paste liquid or powder in the package content and are easy to pour out when placed horizontally. It is also suitable for packages with cartons or paper tubes on the outer packaging of vacuum packaging.

    vacuum packaging,1
    Machine Model DZ-600LG
    Voltage (V/Hz) 380/50
    Power (kW) 2
    Sealing Length (mm) 600
    Sealing Width (mm) 10
    Maximum Vacuum (MPa) ≤-0.1
    Chamber Effective Size (mm) 600×300×800
    Dimensions (mm) 1200×800×1380
    Weight (kg) 250
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