Mattress Compressing Vacuum Packaging Machine


Compress Packing Machine


It can reduce the packaging space and volume without changing the shape of the items.After compress packing, the package will be flat, slim, moisture-proof, and dust-proof. It’s beneficial to save your cost and space in storage and transportation.





Product Tags

1.Adopting double-cylinder compression, with the characteristics of high pressure and high compression rate.
2.With double-station operation, both sides can be operated at the same time, which improves work efficiency.
3.This machine adopts pneumatic compression, which does not cause pollution to the entire working environment.
4.Special specifications can be customized, and the vacuum function can be customized according to customer product requirements.

working procedure

Video of Compress Packaging Machine

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  • Large volume product such as quit, mattress, pillows and so on can be minimized with compression packaging machine. Volume reduce can be up to 50%.

    compress package (4)compress package (2)compress package (1)

    1. Movable,The machine is easy to relocate to any place you want.
    2. Safe and easy to operate with Microcontroller operating system.
    3. Powerful compression sylinder provide constant high pressure on product.
    4. Smooth and straight Sealing for vacuum bag.

    Machine Parameters

    Dimensions 1480mm*965mm*1800mm


    Power 1.5kW
    Voultage 220V / 50Hz
    Sealing Length 700mm (Customizable)
    Sealing Width 8mm (Customizable)
    Maximun Vacuum ≤-0.08MPa
    Compress Air Requirement 0.5MPa-0.8MPa
    Machine Model YS-700/2
    Product height(max) 350mm
    Product volume(max) 700*1300*350mm
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